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Born and raised in Rock Hill, SC, Meredith Williams began taking classical ballet at the age of two and continued dancing for the next 15 years.  After dancing with ballet companies in Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC for much of her youth, Meredith had officially fallen in love with dance and the graceful way it made her look and feel.  While attending the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC Meredith began teaching at the FIRM and continued teaching throughout her college career. After college Meredith continued to explore different methods of fitness and eventually was introduced to Pilates.  With similarities to the dancing she had fallen in love with, Meredith delved deeper and realized her new found love of the body movement exercise, Pilates.

In 2001, Meredith began taking private Pilates classes and over the next few years she went on to pursue her Stott Pilates certification.  Known as “Miss Motivation”, she has been teaching Pilates since 2007 in the Charleston area.   With her upbeat personality, endless positivity and exercise expertise, she has helped hundreds of men and women get the body they have always wanted.

Meredith’s passion for health and beauty through dance, Pilates and her extensive training in other exercise fields has helped her to create a personalized exercise program for everyone with little to no time to workout.  Through detail-oriented, quick-paced, core-focused workouts, Meredith has finally found that fun workout that will get you the body of your dreams in a short period of time. And So…M Body Fitness was created.


Kerrie Shebiel, a RYT-200, began practicing yoga at a time in her life when she felt disconnected from herself and her purpose in life. As a woman who struggled with anxiety, a poor body image, and an eating disorder in her twenties, Kerrie realized how yoga changed the way she felt. Through the use of breath and movement, Kerrie discovered the benefits of yoga that included an awareness of breath, strength and flexibility, increased self-confidence, a feeling of calm and the joy of the present moment.   In 2012, Kerrie felt that she could use her teaching skills and her love of yoga to serve others in a more meaningful way. She left her career as a school teacher to teach children, as well as adults, the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection.   Kerrie received her yoga training through Holy Cow Yoga in August 2013. In addition to teaching adults in gyms and studios, Kerrie teaches yoga to children in schools and other venues. Kerrie also enjoys working with a nonprofit organization, Yoga Kidz. When Kerrie isn’t working, she is loving on her fur babies, spending time with her boyfriend, writing and editing for elephantjournal.com and of course, practicing yoga.


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